SF Loft Designer by Wardell+Sagan Projekt

SF Loft Designer by Wardell+Sagan Projekt More »

Exbury Egg by Spud Studio

Spud Studio s design the Egg shape mini house boat. The project is led by art, architecture and education consultants, Space Placemaking and Urban Design (SPUD Group). More »

X-CAV street sweeper by Carlos Schreib

X-CAV street sweeper design and by Carlos Schreib. The street sweeper incorporates many factors concerning esthetics. The first one is the simple ability to clean the public space More »

Pergola Design by Coodo

Contemporary company Coodo Living design this Pergola. More »

Windoze 16 Casa Decor Madrid By Egue & Seta Architects

In the current edition of Casa Decor Madrid 2013 which began on May 17 and will run until June 24 in the c / Fernando el Santo 16 (former headquarters of the British embassy) the organization of the event included our services to design the appropriateness of facade, More »


Utopia Residence by [STRANG] Miami

A serious home for a serious art collector, the Stein Residence is a light-filled gallery set amidst the lush landscape of Coconut Grove. The calm and minimalistic spaces provide an appropriate atmosphere for the owner’s collection of architectural photography, video installations and other cutting edge art pieces. The Wall Street Journal featured the home in 2009 to coincide with Miami’s Art Basel convention.

Utopia Residence by [STRANG] Miami

Wild Rocket Restaurant By PRODUCE

The new WILD ROCKET has a little story behind it. Its founder, Chef Willin Low, was studying law overseas when he began his culinary career hosting and cooking for homesick friends. His experience gave us the idea of modelling the new Wild Rocket after the traditional Japanese teahouse (chashitsu), a space which the Japanese built to host guests for tea gatherings.

Wild Rocket Restaurant By PRODUCE 

60-metre CRN yacht design by Boat International

CRN, the large-yacht part of the Ferretti Group, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, but it is not resting on its laurels. As seen in the launch of 60m J’ade, and with several megayachts in build in the 40 to 80 metre range, there appears to be a push toward creating unusual and interesting features – a view backed up by Luca Boldrini, CRN’s sales director. ‘CRN is experimenting,’ he enthuses. ‘We’re experimenting in design, in sizes, and in features.

60 metre CRN yacht design by Boat International 

Byron Bay Beach House by Davis Architects

This luxury beachfront property in Byron Bay has been designed to take advantage of the wonderful coastal sub-tropical climate.  Indoor-outdoor living, large breezeway windows and overly generous covered outdoor areas are key in the design “conception” of this project.  The four bedroom house also features a separate self-contained 2 storey terrace house to accommodate guests.

Byron Bay Beach House by Davis Architects 

The Smart Shelter Design by NOEM

The owners of this Smart refuge are a couple who have begun to prioritize shared time with family and friends and to enjoy nature. For years they dreamed of building a small refuge in the ​​Serra Espadà and finally they went ahead. They used  prefabricated wooden modules for a clean, quick external construction in order to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The final construction is a place to share leisure time, to enjoy the scenery and a modern house which is easily and automatically controlled from a mobile device.

The Smart Shelter Design by NOEM

Hoope Get engage with your Health by Vorm Lab

An affordable, easy to use medical device that enables painless and rapid testing for the 4 most common curable STDs (syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and chlamydia infection) in one test. Results are automatically shown in Hoope app where users can find valuable information regarding sexual health and follow up recommendations to their test results.

The painless collection of blood is achieved by placing electrodes in the ring that transmit a current to block pain sensations. The risk of biowaste is mitigated by denaturating blood with special chemicals and by using a retractable needle.

Hoope Get engage with your Health by Vorm Lab

Liberty Residence | 35 by Todd Davis Architecture

Located in the Liberty-Hill Historic District of San Francisco, this complete modern renovation of a 1905 two unit Victorian interplays with the new light filled addition. The rear façade is continually changing with the moving shadows of light throughout the day while the updated deck and landscaping create a sanctuary from the busy adjacent neighborhood.

 Liberty Residence 35 by Todd Davis Architecture

Candy Room Retail Store by Red Design Group

An exclusive, boutique candy store designed by the RED DESIGN GROUP – Australia’s leading retail designers. The founders of Candy Room approached RED DESIGN GROUP with a brief for a store that had to be edgy, humorous and uniquely charismatic. It was not to be simply a shop; it had to be a destination and an experience.

Cand Room Retail Store by Red Design Group