SF Loft Designer by Wardell+Sagan Projekt

SF Loft Designer by Wardell+Sagan Projekt More »

Exbury Egg by Spud Studio

Spud Studio s design the Egg shape mini house boat. The project is led by art, architecture and education consultants, Space Placemaking and Urban Design (SPUD Group). More »

X-CAV street sweeper by Carlos Schreib

X-CAV street sweeper design and by Carlos Schreib. The street sweeper incorporates many factors concerning esthetics. The first one is the simple ability to clean the public space More »

Pergola Design by Coodo

Contemporary company Coodo Living design this Pergola. More »

Windoze 16 Casa Decor Madrid By Egue & Seta Architects

In the current edition of Casa Decor Madrid 2013 which began on May 17 and will run until June 24 in the c / Fernando el Santo 16 (former headquarters of the British embassy) the organization of the event included our services to design the appropriateness of facade, More »


Tuneful House Design by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

The site is located at a corner of the residential area where old and new houses are mixed together. The client has requested to build a house for their enriched lives at an ordinary cost. The reclusive external appearance, induced by the surrounding environment, is composed of the vertical walls that stand at both sides, the longitudinal opening, and the eaves that accentuate horizontal line. It blends with the surroundings and yet gives a peculiar feel, implying that the house includes a unique space.

Tuneful House Design Formkouichi kimura Architects 

Apartment & Conference Kredytowa by Maciej Kurkowski

The object of design is a property in the centre of Warsaw, located on the Kredytowa street. This tenement house, funded by Mr. Goldstand in 1912-1916, was realized according to the project by Józef Napoleon Czerwiński and Wacław Heppen as a strongly decorated, seven-storey building. It survived the WWII in relatively good condition, but during a modernization in the 50′s its appearance was changed drastically, according to pseudo-modernistic fashion: the structure was reduced to four storeys by liquidation of its beautiful crowning, also the characteristic decoration of the facade was destroyed. For many years there had been service shops on the ground floor of the house. Lately, a big effort has been put into restoring those functions.

Apartment Conference Kredytowa Design by Maciej Kurkowski

Istanbul New Airport Architect by Grimshaw Architects

An international architectural team of Nordic — Office of Architecture, Grimshaw and Haptic Architects has today released images of the terminal complex for the Istanbul New Airport. Appointed by the Turkish consortium of Cengiz, Kolin, Limak, MAPA and Kalyon, the plans have been created following an intensive design period.

Istanbul New Airport Design by Grimshaw Architects 

Ark Hotel China Design by Remi Studio

Ark Hotel – a futuristic see-through bubble Ark Hotel that can be adapted to suit both land and water is being billed as a “self-contained oasis”. The Ark Hotel (wrong: Arc Hotel) project was designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects program Architecture for Disasters Relief. The dome-shaped Ark Hotel is constructed with wooden arches, steel cables and a self-cleaning plastic layer instead of glass

Ark Hotel Design by Remi Studio 

The Rajska Zahrada Hotel Design by DAD Studio

The new hotel was bulit on the site of a former printing house, one of the leading ones in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The printing house was bulit by Theodor Böhm. The hotel stands on a rock overlooking a mysterious „garden of Eden“, with the river Metuje meandering below. It was the garden which prompted the name of the hotel – The Garden of Eden.

The Rajska Zahrada Hotel Design by Dad Studio

D&E House Design by Sanahuja and Partners

Light, volumes, spaces and views. Single-family dwelling with swimming pool, next to a golf course. The orientation and the integration of the pine grove are the starting points.

D&E House Front View by Sanahuja and partners

Dream Apartment design by Andrea Pella

Ristrutturazione Appartamento in Design Style

Dream Apartment Design living sofa area by Andrea Pella 

Bend Sectional Fabric Sofa Design by Patricia Urquiola for Bend Collection

It conveys the impression of having been moulded by an artist but actually derives from a study of 3D models and digital research. It seems a monolith that has been shaped by subtraction, rounded and moulded by the designer. The irregular shape enhances comfort, the contrasting seams define the design and movement. Bend Sofa combines manual skills and technology, solidity and strength, along with considerable flexibility in terms of use ensured by the extensive range of models.

Bend Sectional Fabric Sofa Design by Patricia Urquiola for Bend Collection