Deus Ex Aria Bluetooth Wearable Gesture Controller

Smart phone gesture controller devices available now. In the market there is lots of smart phone arrives. LG,Samsung, Pebble, Apple iwatch, Sony, Motoroloa and more. Deus Ex Technologies are designed the gesture based controller Fit on any smart watch and control via your hand movement. for every activity in the watch you can do the different gesture position.

Created :- Deus Ex Technology Ltd

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Kew House by Piercy & Company

Set within the Kew Green Conservation Area of south-west London, this four bedroom family house is formed of two pre-fabricated weathering steel volumes inserted behind a retained nineteenth century stable wall. First and foremost a family home, the tone is informal but rich with incidental spaces, unexpected light, and complex vertical volumes.

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Chiyozaki New House Design by Cooplanning

Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi  A private house of the solitary life built near the Kyocera dome. Board sticking 1 year passes after completion, and which is an outer wall and board sticking of interior plywood, it’s when it’s being matched. When I’d like to make a fascinating house because I build hard, you speak and housing has started.

Architect:- Cooplanning

Chiyozaki New House Design by Cooplanning

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